Sergeannt Pepper's Venture of my Life

    16.03.2007   schwarz-weiss    HD-A     Körung auf Lebenszeit

Sergeant Pepper's Venture of my Life                Sergeant Pepper's Hello Here am Hoomer        Cato vom Jeetzeler Zwergenhaus    Sergeant Pepper's Dust in the Wind  Hidden Farms Pavia
Sergeant Pepper's Classic Peppermint Paddy
Homespun Daddy's Dufflecoat  Ch. Potterdale Double Diamont
Hillbilly Carry - On of Tree Garden
Sergeant Pepper's First Lady Jeanny    Bonny and Clyd's Boomer the little Crook  Ch. Beach Boy the Nobility
Gustel vom Tailleur 
Eternal Flame of Happy Island  Ch. Birchwood Wath the Dickens 
Sergeant Pepper's Cheerful Candlelight Composition 
Sergeant Pepper's Jet Black Jewel          Orsay de Chester    Ch. Hell Narciso de Chester   Moonhill's Arrondera Classic 
Encore de Gouth Noire 
Ch. Jimagine de Chester  Ch. Figaro de Gouth Noire 
Candy de Gouth Noire 
Sergeant Peppers Great Little Thing    Sergeant Pepper's Dust in the Wind  Hidden Farms Pavia 
Classic Peppermint Paddy 
Sergeant Peppe's First Love Affair  Bonny and Clyd's Boomer the little Crook 
Eternal Flame of Happy Island