Djana von den Spikbuben

      20.02.2006    schwarz-weiss

Djana von den Spikbuben                Willowmead Wish for Gold         Coalacre Collier    

Coalacre Curiosity 


Ch.Potterdale Ptolemy

Kameleon of Coalacre

Potterdale Harmony at Coalacre  Ch. Potterdale Philosopher
Ch. Tamevalley Easter Song off Potterdale
Willowmead the perfect Star    Willowmead Star Attraction  Pur Magic of Willowmead
Ch. Willowmead Juno of Tambora
Polhilsa Pulchritude of Willowmead  Ch. Willowmead Red Admiral
Willowmead Tru Delight
Angel von den Spikbuben        Nobility Mr.         Mason    Ch. Charncroft Caleb  Charncroft Cloverglen
Charncroft Copper Surprise
Ch. Glamour Gladys the Nobility  Ch. Beach Boy the Nobility
Ch. Cirby Star of Pribardom
Hollywood du Chateau du lac    Jerry vom Tailleur  Prunellas Black Jock the Joker
Anna vom Tailleur
Balance du Chateau du Lac  Prunellas Black Jock the Joker
Blanch vom Tailleur